jueves, mayo 31, 2007

ZendConf! Why not?

Como parte del mejor y más creativo equipo de desarrollo en el mundo, me vi forzado por nuestro CEO a enviar una propuesta de conferencia a ZendConf07. La comparto (en inglés):


Speaking experience
+ Invited to give a conference at 'Software engineering week' at IBERO (University at Mexico City) 2000
+ In charge of teaching an advanced and beginner PHP programming workhop for the International Software Engineering Symposium at the Monterrey Institute of Technology ITESM (2002, 2003, 2004; invited three times)
+ Invited to give a opensource conference and a PHP workshop at University of Guadalajara (Ocotlan) 2004
+ In charge of all training at Innox 2003-Now

+ Bachelor degree in Software Engineering at ITESM (Monterrey Institute of Technology)
- Part of an student exchange program at Dalhousie University at Halifax, NS. Canada
+ PHP Certified Developer 2005
+ MySQL Certified Developer 2007
+ Software development freelancer 1998-2003
+ Software developer / Project manager / Chief architect 2003 - Now @ Innox

PHP is great. MySQL is excellent. Apache non the less. All together: the best stack a team can have to achieve goals, make dreams come true, and first of all create awesome pieces of software.

Technology is only the 50% (or less) of the tools a group of people can have in order to create great software. This presentation will tell a story; how we achieved:

- Learn from 0 how to develop software with opensource (LAMP only) tools
* Some customers thought PHP was for small webpages, MySQL for gaming, and Linux for geeks

- We specialized our selves 100% on PHP and MySQL
* First Mexican Company with PHP certified developers
* First Mexican Company with MySQL certified developers
* 8th Mexican company to achieve CMMi2 certification
-- Even though some people thought we were to small to achieve certifications of any type -- Opensource enabled us to shut them up

I will not try to make a marketing speech regarding Innox; I will show how we push PHP, CSS, XHTML, XSL, CVS, SVN, Linux to the extreme working as a team.

I'll also explain how proprietary innovation methologies, CMMi best practices, team management strategies, requirement development techniques, and a lot of common sense, helped us to created one of the best and most creative software development teams of the world due our ability to solve problems, materialize dreams, and manage ourselves as a productive team.

* Non marketing speech
* Lot's of stories, pictures, techniques, problems we faced and how we solved them, our former vision, our actual vision
* First source code, nowadays source code
* First database design, nowadays database design
* The difference between one programmer and ten programmers working on the same source code
* How CMMi changed our lives
* How we demystified PHP and MySQL limitations
* Why certifications are important to us (we don't care about the diploma)


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